Floor Generation 3 Token

Unlock your next favorite app.

Floor puts your NFTs in your pocket. Track your entire NFT portfolio's performance, access exclusive partnerships, and discover your next favorite collection.

Support and join the Floor community to get:

  • Early access to the beta build of Floor NFT iOS app
  • Entry into giveaways and limited mint raffles
  • Premium token-gated Discord with the Floor team
Floor Gen III

Mint a Gen 3 Token

0.2 ETH

3,000 total

Floor App

More than an app.

But the app is pretty good too.

  • Track your NFT portfolio
  • Access exclusive drops via community partnerships
  • Watch live trade activity
  • Discover your next favorite collection

How it works

The Floor iOS app is currenly in closed beta for a small community of token holders. This token unlocks the app beta, and supports the development of the project... together.


Mint your Floor Generation III NFT token.


Join the Discord and verify your token in #collabland-join.


Say hi in #holders-only and get the TestFlight link in #get-beta.

About the tokens

Each token gets you access to the app and a premium gated Discord with the Floor team.

Generation 1

The genesis token. Only 500 available.

6 entries into giveaways and limited mint raffles.

View on OpenSea

Generation 2

Early access. 1000 available.

2 entries into giveaways and limited mint raffles.

View on OpenSea

Generation 3

Continued support. 3,000 available.

1 entry into giveaways and limited mint raffles.

Dropping Jan 22

These people would give us five stars. But we’re not in the app store yet.

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"Anyone tracking floor prices of multiple NFTs, check out @floornfts app!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the tokens?

Every token gets access to the Floor app and Discord. The biggest difference is how many entries each token gets you for community partnerships and mint opportunities.

  • Every Generation 1 gets you 6 entries.
  • Every Generation 2 gets you 2 entries.
  • Every Generation 3 gets you 1 entry.

Is Floor available on Android?

No. Currently Floor is only available on iOS (iPhone & iPad) with support coming soon for Mac. An Android app is on our roadmap for later in 2022.

Can I sell my Floor NFT token?

Of course. You’re welcome to sell the token if you no longer want access to the app and holders-only Discord. If you wish to get back in, Floor tokens are available on OpenSea.

Do secondary sales get access to the app?

Yes. Any wallet that contains a Floor token can verify in the Discord and use the Floor app.

How do I get the app?

Once you have the NFT, you’ll join the Discord. From there, you verify your token by clicking the button in #collabland-join. Complete your verification to see your holders-only channels including #links where the TestFlight is.

If this is your first TestFlight app, you’ll need to install TestFlight from the link in the Discord.

Who’s behind this project?

Floor was started by Chris Maddern, a veteran of fintech and app development. He set out to solve a problem he was experiencing and to build deeper into web3.

Today, Floor is built by a small team of enthusiasts — some of whom are known and others remain behind pseudonyms.

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